#3D mapping. The REAL #Big #Brother.

“Engineers from University Alliance Ruhr have developed novel signal processing methods for imaging and material characterisation with the aid of radar. Their long-term objective is to use these techniques in combination with radar-based localisation of objects. Their vision is a flying platform capable of generating a three-dimensional representation of its surroundings. The technology might be, for example, useful for finding out what firefighters might encounter behind clouds of smoke in a burning building.”

“Wireless data transmission systems such as wi-fi or Bluetooth emit coherent light—electromagnetic waves with a precisely known amplitude and phase. Propagating in space, this radiation forms a hologram—a two-dimensional wave front encoding a three-dimensional view of all objects traversed by the light beam. Here we demonstrate a scheme to record this hologram in a phase-coherent fashion across a meter-sized imaging region. We recover three-dimensional views of objects and emitters by feeding the resulting data into digital reconstruction algorithms. Employing a digital implementation of dark-field propagation to suppress multipath reflection, we significantly enhance the quality of the resulting images. We numerically simulate the hologram of a 10-m-sized building, finding that both localization of emitters and 3D tomography of absorptive objects could be feasible by this technique.”

An associate: https://www.saveusnow.org.uk has been #gagged by the #Police and his #Council for trying to blow the lid on what’s happening in his #County. What he is witnessing is literally a weapons test to see what happens when #5G is installed in communities. Results: #Bleeding noses. #Cot #deaths. #Womb #deaths. NO #sleep. #Brain #Cancer. #Tumours. And if you take down the #5G relays on top of streetlights #POLICE will appear with engineers and you will be taken to #Court.

This is the big one people. Hold tight for an Action Pack to fight 5G in your area. We’re testing through Freedom of Information requests #FOI and other legal forms to produce something that works.

#EMF #Radiation

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