Smombie Gate will become the global go-to documentary detailing the truth around the benefits and dangers of mobile phone and smart device usage. We’ll debate the addiction and influences of media consumption, as well as clarify if there is a risk from overuse of devices that use 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi, WiGIG and EMF radiation waves.

The tone of voice and style will be objective or we’ll end up polarising ourselves and be positioned as conspiracy nuts wearing tin foil hats totally paranoid and against the positive flow of technological advancement. If we end up concluding that in fact there isn’t enough evidence on mobile phones and smart devices possible dangers don’t outweigh their use, then fine. But our focus on what we call the Smombie attack is very clear. We believe excessive phone is the self-inflicted polarisation from controlled media consumption, which creates localised flashes in the pan, when compared with the wider consensus of opinion of our countries. But for the people buried in their phones, it must feel like the whole world is about to collapse when something doesn’t go their way – They become a gang of Trolls – Vindictive, nasty and actively weaponise social media through floods of memes, tweets and likes to get someone sacked; or punish a brand into submission with what are generally marginalised opinions. This is only one aspect we’ll be covering.

We will be the champions of influencing people to step back and understand what is going on with our people and children and be collectively responsible enough to ask how we want our future to be defined, not how corporations and media want us to behave.

Our stage one plan to get things moving with the documentary

The first step, which is to develop content around whether or not there is proof and a danger to peoples health, especially around 5G. We’re going to setup a number of recorded online debates using a live platform; and a number of face-to-face debates in Great Britain, Europe and USA. These will be formed of scientists and doctors from various backgrounds.

We’ll also be looking at formulating original interviews with scientists, doctors, interest groups and individuals who champion both sides of the health and science of smart technologies.

We’re going to launch a crowdfunding campaign to find budget to create the documentary. So we plan all contributors will be numerated for their time. We’re looking at this project as an altruistic achievement, so we’re looking for experts who have the time to make this documentary go global.

We’re looking for collaborators to help us

Social media experts
Web assistants

Subject matter experts:
Health experts

Film and media crew:
Presenters and Voice Over artists

Please get in touch by emailing: